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Which "wireless that works" application wins the award for long-standing, highly critical, and longest distance? That's the wireless at work at NASA; in particular, the wireless technologies that are crucial in shuttle missions. Powerful wireless technologies and applications can be unique from one mission to the next. This was the case with the recent payload experiments of the NASA OMNI project (Operating Missions as Nodes on the Internet). This project was in fact an example of successful wireless IP research on the STS-107 (Space Transportation System) mission. There are certain wireless systems and procedures however that are crucial to all missions. Let's identify three primary stages of the space shuttle missions for which wireless is very important: launch, orbit, and re-entry. The Launch During the launch, wireless data is critical to vehicle safety, range s... (more)

WHEN? This Is the Multimillion-Dollar Question Surrounding the Rollout of Wireless Handheld Entertainment in North America

Outside of North America, mobile entertainment is commonplace among a vast throng of the young and mobile...but why do Europe and Japan lead the way? Is it just lagging technology or a combination of cultural and geographical marketplace disparities? Are the hardware and network limitations or barriers insurmountable? WBT's David Geer investigates, and speaks to sundry U.S. software developers who are jumping on the m-entertainment bandwagon right now even though its arrival still seems to them to be 18­24 months away. All right, who wants fresh, hot mobile entertainment? Who's of... (more)

The End of Telecom As We Know It?

Most rainbows are colorful shining heralds that a storm has passed. "Project Rainbow" leaves us in a fog as to what is to come. So do frequently named participants such as IBM, Intel, AT&T, and Verizon by their silence. At its vaguest, Project Rainbow is a consortium that loosely ties at least the aforementioned companies together. According to a consensus of surrounding industry hearsayers, the purpose is a serious verbal rumination about the plausibility of a nationwide 802.11 network that all participants could profit from. The fact that Project Rainbow exists with such certai... (more)

Nextel Steps Up Wireless Business Solutions

Nextel is building on its industrial voice service success with a broad professional data service that features 30 new J2ME applications, with 20 more in the works. Starting with several choice partnerships and customers old and new, it is now set up to deliver tailored mobile data solutions. Applications The available applications bring more than access to corporate databases, and e-mail and Internet access to the table. The various developer offerings provide a range of utilities from fleet management services, such as GPS, to package shipping automation that interfaces with curr... (more)

IM at Work

IM (instant messaging) for the enterprise is being touted as something new. Don't you believe it. I recall using ICQ Corporate at an ISP in Cleveland in 1998. Is it news because Wall Street is starting to take it seriously? You bet! Today, serious broadband speeds are omnipresent in the enterprise. Broadband delivers "instant," and everybody loves instant, not just the enterprise (anyone notice the markets that sprouted from TV dinners?). Instantaneous data delivery facilitates the most desirable instant of all ­ instant communication, or IM. Instant communication ­ everywhere,... (more)